Amazon Web Services

AWS provides cloud computing services that enable a business to build sophisticated and scalable applications. Therefore knowledge about these services and learning how to work with them on the Cloud is crucial for businesses and Professionals who are or will be working on the cloud.

Course Duration:

30 Hours.

Targeted Audience:

Software Engineers, Web Developers, Engineering Graduates and Graduates from Computer Science/IT

Course Pre-Requisites:

Graduates,Basic Linux knowledge

Course Curriculum

Module 1

Cloud Computing

Introduction of AWS

AWS Global Infrastructure

Physical & AWS cloud data center overview

AWS features & Services and  its Limits

AWS pricing and physical Data Center

Security, storage, networking.

AWS Computing services (EC2)

Launch and connect instances from different Region’s Availability zones

AWS  Storage services

EBS (Elastic Block Storage)

Creating Volumes, Snapshots and Modifying the exiting volumes

EFS (elastic File Store)

Mount  shared file system across the availability zone instances

VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

Creating Own Private Data center and launch aws resources

VPC with Nat Instance (Make internet available for the Private Network)

VPC Peering Connection (Connect Two Vpc’s in the Same Region)

VPC peering Connection with same Region with Different account

20 VPC Endpoint services

ENIC ( Elastic Network Interface)

EIP (Elastic IP address)

ELB (ELASTIC LOAD BALANCING ) & High Availability and Clustering

Classic  ELB

AWS Auto scaling and creating Auto scaling groups


SNS (Simple Notification Service)

Cloud watch


RDS(Relational Database Services)

Cross-region Replication

Create snapshot and backup of database engine



Create bucket and storage objects

Storing  frequently access data and push to Glacier for long time store


Cloud Trail

AWS Workspaces

AWS Config

Cloud front

Application ELB

Cloud Formation

Code Deploy

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